Monday, March 05, 2007

Arovax Shield v2.1.95 is released

In this release startup folder monitoring problems and hosts file monitoring problems in automatic mode have been fixed. In addition much faster IE cookies scan has been implemented.

Arovax SmartHide 1.0.256 beta version!

Dear Beta-testers!

A new version of Arovax SmartHide 1.0.256 has been uploaded to the Download section of your Beta-Tester Members Area.
SmartHide 1.0.256

Please download the latest version and test it thoroughly.

The cnages include complete re-writing of the program kernel and code, implementation of the new approach where all the traffic goes through anonymous server both UDP and TCP.
Right now you do not need to play with Ports, ALL your traffic is automatically encrypted, compressed and anonymous.

For the rest members of Arovax Community I want to remind, that you can still apply for Beta-testing registering here and waiting for our approvement.