Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How to Learn About the Penalties for Violating Computer Virus Laws

Everyone involved in e-commerce and digital intellectual property should understand the penalties for violating Computer Virus Laws in order to gain a full appreciation of this new problem.

How To Do Just About Everything proposes a few steps to learn about the penalties for these violations:

Step One
Look over the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984 on the Department of Justice website (see Resources below). This piece of legislation makes it illegal to sell passwords, utilize computer systems without proper authorization and steal information from a financial institution's computers.

Step Two
Contact your state's consumer protection department in order to help stop computer viruses. Most states have a consumer protection organization that has a series of ongoing campaigns, including technology and intellectual property issues. A good example of a consumer protection agency on the state level is the New York State Consumer Protection Board (see Resources below).

Step Three
Learn about computer virus laws from a qualified criminal attorney. Contact the American Bar Association to get in touch with pro bono attorneys who deal with criminal and intellectual property law (see Resources below).

Step Four
Inquire about computer viruses and ways of violating computer systems from an information technology (IT) expert. A better understanding of computer viruses violating your computer can help you develop a larger picture of your legal case. Your local university will typically have an IT department that can answer public questions.


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